Meet Olivia

I spent four years in our Nation’s Capital studying photojournalism. The big city life wasn’t for me and I’m back here Midwest loving surrounded by my favorite babes. I’m there to document YOUR day which means I’m gonna be a fly on the wall snapping all the details and all the precious moments. I’m not the kind of photographer whose gonna get all posey and awkward on you. We’re gonna have FUN. If you aren’t laughing with your babe totally wrapped up in each other the whole time we’re not doing it right! Let’s have some fun!


I lost my dad at a very young age and as I got older, I realized the memories of him were few and far between. So I picked up a camera and began documenting the people I surrounded myself with. A few years later and few more loved ones lost, I cherish each and every photo I have of them.

I do what I do because the day you wish you had a memory, will be the day you don’t.

You can find me kickin’ it with my kitty babes binging on the newest season of the Chicago series and Law & Order: SVU.

Let’s be honest, Dick Wolf is a genius.

Captivated By:

My main squeeze, our kitty babes, and my family


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